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Busdriver picks up Danny Brown and Aesop Rock for "Ego Death"

Eccentric verbal gymnast Busdriver, real name Regan Farquhar, will release a new album, Perfect Hair, on September 9 via Big Dada.  For his first single, "Ego Death", he's enlisted two of rap's biggest oddballs, Aesop Rock and Danny Brown, who I never thought I'd see on the same track. If there's anyone to bring them together it would be Busdriver (or El-P, to be fair), a rapper whose style combines Aesop's Merriam-Webster-esque diction with Danny's rawer delivery. The track is produced by Brainfeeder artist Jeremiah Jae, not too surprising considering Busdriver's tendency to work with experimental, LA-based producers.

Busdriver takes the first verse,  keeping you on your toes with his strange delivery and even stranger lyrics.  Once he's done mugging your mind, Aesop takes over, delivering another barrage of abstract wordplay.  Danny Brown is a nice shift, providing exactly what his guest appearances are known for, hilarious one-liners and XXX-rated antics.  All in all, the combination is a bit awkward, but still a lot of fun, uniting artists from different regions of indie rap.




"Ego Death" feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown

  • Big Dada
  • 'Perfect Hair' out 9/9/14
Hip-Hop · Rap


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