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Friday feels with Tontario's edit of James Bay's "Hear Your Heart"

This record has been out for 9 days now and I've had it on my Soundcloud for almost a week, but have been hesitant to share it. At first I felt it was a basic deep house track with some killer vocals. Now here I am, dozens of listens later, ready to share something super ear-pleasing.

It might be the rain or gloomy weather outside, but this track is the perfect pick-me-up. While one can't go wrong with James Bay's vocals, Finland-based producer Tontario takes the original singer/songwriter's "Hear Your Heart" and turns it into a beautifully melodic and soulfully touching rendition. Turn it up, tune out, and come away with some pretty awesome Friday feels provided by Tontario. 


James Bay

"Hear Your Heart" (Tontario Edit)

  • 04-06-2014



Dance · Deep House


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