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Meet Goldbloc and listen to their Exclusive mix for EARMILK

Meet Goldbloc - two super talented musicians out of Boston. Mixing doses of hip-hop and soul, the pair have been in the studio making some seriously sexy music that has caught out attention. With their Black Gold EP dropping two months ago, we have had them on our radar and still believe "that they're one of their best slept on acts of our time."  

Lucky for you we had a chance to chat with Esteban, one half of Goldbloc and the man behind those sultry beats to discuss everything from their latest radio series "Haus of Gold," to inking a new management deal with Velvet Hammer. They were also kind enough to put together an exclusive "Haus of Gold" mixtape for our listening pleasure. 

EARMILK: Introduce Goldbloc to the EARMILK readers?
Goldbloc: Im GoldenHaus 1/2 of Goldbloc which is an alternative hip hop / soul project. Were based out of Boston right now. 
EM: Tell us about your new adio show "Haus of Gold"?
G: "Haus of Gold" is a radio show designed to support artists and create community within the scene. The idea is for it to be a place where good music can be heard and great artists can be discovered. It will be published bi-weekly.
EM: Are you a classically trained musician? What is your musical background?
G: Yeah I was classically trained a bit when I was young, I grew up around a lot of different instruments at home though and was also left handed which let me take creative approaches to making music since all the instruments were upside down or backwards. I was a huge music lover, I listened and still listen to a lot of different music from all genres, thats another reason for "Huas of Gold" radio. 
EM: Do you prefer production to dj'ing?
G: They're so different, DJing / performing is a lot of fun and rewarding, but producing can also be a great creative outlet. Too hard to say.
EM: We hear you just signed with a major management agency, can you tell us more about that?
G: Sure, Goldbloc's with Velvet Hammer and they have been great. They have a ton of experience and are a pleasure to work with. Shout out to David Beno for reaching out and believing in our sound. 

*Fun Fact: Velvet Hammer works with The Deftones, Pepper, Hot Water Music, Alice in Chains and System of a Down to name a few. 

EM: You just worked on a video for your single "Days Are Dreaming", can you tell us about the concept behind that? 
G:  We wanted to do something a little different with the video, something that aligns with our sound which is a bit on the alternative side. The team we worked with on it, (CTRL) was great and the final product should be a good one. Lookout for it within the next month. 
EM: If you could score any movie, which one would it be?
G: 2001 a space Odyssey. 
EM: If you could time travel, what decade would you most liked to have made music in and why?
G: I would go for the future if I could, but otherwise 1940 when doo wop was big. 
EM: What is the future looking like for you guys?
G: Future's looking good! Exciting things coming, make sure to keep an eye out!
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