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Ab Soul carries the cross in "Stigmata" [Video]

 Hot off the release of his most recent track "Stigmata," Ab Soul has followed up with the release of the visuals to the second single off his third studio album These Days... The video, much like the track, contains material pertaining to that of Jesus Christ and the New Testament. This is extremely fitting to that of Ab Soul's identity as an artist seeing that his logo is a repurposed version of Ichthys— a secret Christian symbol used by early Christians. In the video Soulo is seen carrying a cross across the desert whiled donning a throne crown on his head, which mirrors that of Christ’s Procession to Calvary. All the images are extremely powerful and coincide perfectly with Soul’s lyrics and overall message of trial and tribulations. If Soul keeps producing striking visuals and tracks like that of “Stigmata” it will be hard for people to not pay attention to Soulo’s work.

 Watch “Stigmata” below and support Soul by copping his album These Days… on June 24th.



Stigmata [Music Video]

Ab Soul

  • Top Dawg Ent
  • 2014-05-30
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