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We Are The Brave offer up a new remix of "Sparrow" with help from ATTAR! [Premiere]

Singer Jess Chalker and producer Ox Why make up the Aussie synth-pop duo We Are The Brave. The duo's track "Sparrow" has received the remix treatment from acts like Rich Morel, The Dualists, Night Riders, Culture Fires, Gnome, and Alcala on their remix EP and now ATTAR! (pronounced Attari) joins those ranks too. ATTAR! (aka Renaud Deru) has worked in a handful of musical projects prior to this solo venutre; including Mustang, Cosy Mozzy, Dirty Dancing, and Libertine Supersport.

I am excited to see the Belgian artist on this remix. The once synth pop song has been given a whole new sound that falls somewhere between nu-disco and deep house. But to avoid wasting too much time trying to decide what genre this song would be categorized as, I want to tip my hat off to Deru for his successful transformation of "Sparrow" into his own track. Although, he maintains some vocal integrity and holds onto the essence of the energy of the original track, it is a complete 180. Turn this up for your after-hours listening and don't forget to enjoy the free download.





Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · Indie


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Craig Roseberry
7 years ago

@WeAreTheBrave_ @ATTARI_Tweet Thanks for the love, support and wonderful premiere! We're spreading the word! @KIDRECORDINGS

7 years ago

Thanks for the kind words :-)

We Are The Brave
7 years ago

@ATTARI_Tweet THANK YOU for your support! You guys are awesome xx