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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib get hurt in "Deeper" [Video]

Freddie Gibbs' style is deceptively simple, thanks to it's direct and blunt nature. He isn't going to dazzle you with metaphors piled atop metaphors, or sweep you away with allusions to ancient religious scrolls and nostalgic myths from the past; instead, Gangsta Gibbs chooses to give you the story how it happened, painting a vivid image of his reality with stark simplicity. His collaborative effort with Madlib, Pinata, is intriguing for that same reason; both employ techniques that are relatively modest, but the latter shies away from anything that is typically described as "normal". Taking someone so well practiced in the metamorphosing of the literal and teaming him with a producer, whose mind normally hoovers above in a psychedelic dreamworld, created a lot of uncertainty at first, but ultimately a significant amount of good music and loyal fans. 

"Deeper" was one of the standout tracks from Pinata, because of it's weightiness. Speaking on a woman, who was at first another girl around a way and eventually becomes something way more important, Freddie Gibbs explains the heartbreaking world that is the drug game. This young girl turns into his lover, but leaves him for another man once he gets locked up in jail, only to return with a child that isn't her new man's. It is a haunting tale of  betrayal, love, and immaturity, but one that sticks.

Jonah Schwartz captures this aspect beautifully in the accompanying video for the cut. It's close to four minutes long, but each scene is packed with images to explore and investigate. Surprisingly, Schwartz and crew don't follow the story line religiously, choosing to jump to different parts in a way that would make Tarantino proud. Gibbs is seen rhyming the first half in his prison orange jumpsuit, then switches to his usual street wear when he is released. The first half feels more akin to a hazy memory than a typical music video, as he ponders his failures in jail. When he sees his girl with another man, upon getting his freedom, you feel the anguish and anger with him. It is a well done set of emotive visuals.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are more than an odd couple, they are a great pair. "Deeper" contains both of their signature techniques: with Gibbs letting listeners understand his pain with bluntness and Madlib finding strange samples to creatively use in production. It is a highlight from Pinata, and definitely a great place to begin checking out their sound.

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