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Tut Tut Child reshapes "Sad Machine" by Porter Robinson into a slick drum n' bass remix

Following his release of “Drink Up” on the new Monstercat Ascension 017 album UK based producer Tut Tut Child’s new bootleg remix hits on the two essential factors to produce a good re-work. For a producer to make a remix his own, he must put his own spin on the original while retaining what made us listen in the first place, reverberated vocals that float over subtle synths and breakdowns. Here, Nick Kingsley put a simple yet effective tweak of speeding up the overall flow and rhythm of the track into slick, unadulterated drum n’ bass. The result is anything but a "sad machine" and is instead a fast-moving upbeat tune that exudes joy in rhythmic precision. 

Drum and Bass · Electronic


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