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Butch Dawson's "Loser Machine" is perfect for late night vibes [Premiere]

Butch Dawson is a Baltimore based producer and rapper that has been under my radar for a little while now. His bedroom-esque style has been blowing up on the underground blogs, and it's time he started getting some attention. 

Today he has given us the premiere to his newest track "Loser Machine," a dreamy piece that brings the night alive with smart rap lines and stunning production. The lo-fi (sorta) feel brings the energy surprisingly alive, while his words resonate with us. It feels sad and emotional, and relates without the overbearing use of wordy lines that can confuse and detract. Instead, he's found a healthy balance in his work that will help bring in new fans for sure. 

Check out the track below, and make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming project, Mercury Lower, which is coming out later this summer. 





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