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Open Mike Eagle updates the Cosby show in new music video, "A History Of Modern Dance"

The initial impression I had of LA based artist Open Mike Eagle when we did our post-SXSW interview was his creativity and sense of humor, which definitely comes out in his new Cosby show inspired music video for “A History of Modern Dance,” which premiered on Pigeons and Planes and his new album "Dark Comedy Morning Show," which received nods for it's art-rap aesthetic on Noisey.  In his new video, Eagle breaks down the rules and regulations of modern dance and seduction with distinct 90’s inspired vibe in front of vintage-styled visuals such as an old school movie theater sign and an entry scene reminiscent of a 90's sitcom. Clearly, he knows the moves and has done his research on this one, as he is able to break them down into steps in both his lyrical flow and in the video itself, which is filled with a fun 90's style and half-funky, half-funny dance moves. Eagle is unique in that he doesn't approach the industry with anger as many who began in an underground hip-hop scene would. Instead, he presents as an affable artist who manages to release acclaimed indie albums and music videos all while not taking himself too seriously. 





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