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Dali Darko drops long-awaited debut mixtape 'The Romantic Egoist'

Dali Darko steps up to the plate on his debut mixtape, The Romantic Egotist, seemingly possessing the confident swagger and self-assurance of an accomplished veteran. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, the burgeoning rapper has shown a willingness to push the boundaries between lyricism, flow, and content, while personifying the old school vibes of the ‘90s, making The Romantic Egotist quite an intriguing listen.

The mixtape opens up with a skit featuring Dali Darko, an unnamed friend, and the boisterous streets of Pittsburgh, as he invites his listeners into an unrelenting view of his world. Packed with verses of ambition and braggadocio behavior, Dali Darko paints himself as a confident, self-aware rapper concerned solely about unleashing his unfiltered raps to the world. 

Tackling vintage sounding productions throughout the tape reminiscent of the boom-bap era, Dali seems right at home on his single, “Jedi Knights”, rapping over jazzy instrumentals, as well as the menacing sound of the title track, “The Romantic Egotist”. Straying away from traditional hip-hop beats, Darko showcased his versatility over the lush sound of the strumming guitar on “Flowers for Dorian Grey”. 

Although The Romantic Egotist seems to lack a strong tying theme, the project is a well thought-out piece of work with strong production and consistent stylistic choices that keeps the tape unified, making it quite apparent that Dali Darko is ready to pave his own way in hip hop.

Check out the full mixtape here: 

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