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MNTN enlists help from BOY/FRIEND for his remix of Pharrell's "Know Who You Are" [Pr

MNTN is a New York producer and songwriter for up-and-coming R&B vocalist BOY/FRIEND. Together, the pair are quite carefully carving out their niche in modern R&B. MNTN's latest remix is an interesting reinterpretation of Pharrell Williams' G I R L duet with Alicia Keys, "Know Who You Are." It is dancey and fun and full of energy.

MNTN's "Know Who You Are" moves consistently at a relentless pace and it features incorporated BOY/FRIEND vocals laid at the end of an expert chop that slowly builds to a monster finish with powerful arranging. If you weren't aware of the MNTN + BOY/FRIEND duo already, you will be soon. It's more upbeat than the original and way more fun.

Check out MNTN's remix of Pharrell Williams' "Know Who You Are" duet with Alicia Keys featuring BOY/FRIEND, and be on the look out for more original music from the producer/songwriter in the near future.

Pharrell ft. BOY/FRIEND & Alicia Keys - Know Who You Are (MNTNrmx) by MNTN.



"Know Who You Are" (MNTN Remix) (Feat. BOY/FRIEND & Alicia Keys)

  • Betteryet Records
  • May 22, 2014


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