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The Celestics and GoldLink don all black suits for new song, "Funeral"

Two bros,  a bootlegged FL Studio, and a cheap microphone were all that was needed to jump start The Celestics' musical career; of course it did not hurt that one would eventually turn out to be Kaytranada. Kevin and Louis-Philippe Celestine took their small room in a cramped Montreal home, stuffed it with vinyls from their family collection and computers to run their audio equipment, then commenced to churn out batches of noteworthy songs. While they have amassed a significant following over the years, Supreme Laziness, which is set to hit digital retailers on May 20th, will be the duo's first full length project.

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To prepare for the albums  imminent release, The Celestics have decided to let loose some singles to get the public buzzing. Their latest, "Funeral", captures their signature style in all of its glory. Kevin's production makes itself known in a good way immediately, The orchestral strings drizzled over the deep kick drums and anxious hi-hats give the track an easily identifiable trap influence, but differentiates it enough from majority of the beats floating around the internet. The purposeful low quality detracts can be a distraction at moments, although Kaytranada quickly finesses his way back on track. 

Louis P and DMV upstart, GoldLink, team up to handle the emceeing and both contribute solid verses. Their personal styles are quite varied, which gives the song an interesting twist right in the middle. GoldLink has a more bouncy flow, racing through his verse; while Louis P has a more traditional approach, rhyming forcefully and deliberately. It is an intriguing mix that won't fail to grab your attention, when they eventually hand each other the mic. P's hook is especially noteworthy, reminiscent of Big L's "All Black". He promises that  his friends are dressed for funerals, hence the title "Funeral", and are taking pharmaceuticals; an ominous combination that either spells a great night of debauchery or terrible pain and melancholy. 

As noted above, Supreme Laziness is due out on May 20th, which is right around the corner. If you want to hear more of the Celestics' work, made earlier than "Funeral", head down to their soundcloud. 

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