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Freemasons built a hit with "Pegasus Rising" [Download]

As it happens, all music is not good music. In that same vein, a longer song doesn’t necessarily translate to a better song. Yet, it does for Freemasons's newest release “Pegasus Rising”. The vetern disco house duo consisting of Russell Small and James Wiltshire have constructed the road to a magical mystery land of electronic sounds. And the nearly eight minute song reminds us that its not the destination, but the journey.

Freemasons lay a solid tempo down with heavy beats and deep disco synths: from the first few ghostly horse neighs, you won’t be able to resist taking a few steps with your claws raised like a “Thriller” backup dancer. But instead of the track becoming a bad dream, the echoing voices beckon you further into a funky world flecked with phoshorescence. The sound is seems like a mirage until the beautifully clear synths and fresh island sounds awaken the soul. Picture a famed full-moon party taking place within Avatar's Pandora setting. And that’s all within the first half. The adventure continues and we’re loving it. Get the free download here.

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Pegasus Rising

  • 2014-05-13


Dance · Electro House · Electronic · Nu-disco


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