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Blockhouse cuts with Cardopusher / Nehuen 'Split 02' on Classicworks

Classicworks converts their next offering into another split release brought on by label heads Nehuen and Cardopusher.  In good fashion, both producers export a four tracker of nothing other than clattering techno punches that go felt deep. Setting moods inspired by one of the more unconventionally thought about countries when it comes to techno music, the two infuse a stylistically independent clatter that echoes around the nightclubs they tend to takeover  in their headquarters of Barcelona.


 Cardopusher's "Hyperwave" and "Heatseeker" work as a pair that thump along rhythmically and swiftly. Where "Hyperwave" leans in towards the elastic 303 acid tones, the pace in "Heatseeker" pushes the envelope further by offering more of a definitive adrenaline rush in the vain of a 90's juked techno hymn. Nehuen raises tensions with his own set of cuts. "Non Verbal Thinking" strains a rigid force that heightens only as the slow-forming progressions unfold. With "Mind Chats" we see him revert to a classic warehouse session that aggregates a retro anthem with unforgettable acid basslines that perk up ravishly.






Cardopusher / Nehuen

Split 02

  • Classicworks
  • 2014-05-12




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