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"Who Knows" how many times you'll replay the latest from Protoje [Video]

Truth be told, I usually don't mess with reggae music (that's not to be interpreted as shade towards Jamaica; Cool Runnings is one of my favourite flicks.) Besides getting down with Major Lazer every now and then, my greatest fear is being associated with those stereotypical white guys who never wash their crusty rastacaps and won't stop talking about "chill vibes". But fear not; it'll be impossible not to play the latest track from Protoje at full blast and have a fun time doing so.

Entitled "Who Knows," the video is an insight into the awe inspiring beauty that is Jamaica. As you witness shots of lush forests and breathtaking landscapes, Protoje and fellow Jamaican Chronixx effortlessly transport you to their island paradise, a feat that many songs cannot perform.  While our heroes are forced to travel using a bunch of different methods such as by car and boat, they eventually make it to their destination and party with some likeminded people. Take five, put your feet up and give this one a listen for that much deserved feeling of relaxation.

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