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Main Course Records releases Bot's Bot Music EP [Download]

Main Course Records has long been on our radar as the label to watch, and the first half of 2014 has seen its fair share of great successes for the three labelheads (Astronomar, Neoteric, and Bot), along with their friends who have released under the imprint. 

Today marks the release of Bot's Bot Music EP, which features 4 original tracks from the talented man himself. The label has never been shy towards the weird and unexpected, and from start to finish the tracks are strange in the best way possible. Whether its the trap influenced "Scream 85," or the club friendly "Fribay" with Astronomar, this release is sure to be found in every DJ's virtual crate and heard in nightclubs across the globe. 

This is available as a free download for a month, and for those looking to purchase, it is available on Beatport and iTunes

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Bot Music EP

  • Main Course Records
  • May 13, 2014
Bass · Dance


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