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Get first dibs on Vacationer's conceptual Ode 2 Summer Mixtape [Premiere]

When we think of mixtapes, we associate them with compilations of songs from various artists and that producers bring to life through the mixtape. So it's quite unusual when an indie band comes out with one of their own, but that's exactly what Vacationer has done. 

Vacationer is an indie band from Philadelphia but sports that West Coast feel: as you may have deduced from their name, they're all about fell-good vibes and tunes that match your chill out needs. Lucky for us, we get give you a first listen to their conceptual mixtape called Ode 2 Summer. During their touring in 2013, they managed to create a plethora of material while on the road. 

 "This collection, in a sense, is a sonic scrapbook. Many of the track titles are taken from areas we had passed through. As the summer came to an end, so did the process of making our new album. We offer up this tape in the meantime while we await the arrival of warmer weather and reflect on the past year", they described. 

Not to confuse their mixtape with their impending sophomore album Relief that is set to drop June 24Ode 2 Summer acts as a buffer to tide us over until their anticipated full length album hits the airwaves. In a way, however, the mixtape is an album itself, since it hosts 12 completely original songs that have not been heard yet. The only difference is that these songs are seamlessly woven together, much like a traditional mixtape. So what we get is a 30 minutes of non-stop Vacationer material. Within Ode 2 Summer, you hear a good mixture of chilled out tunes to edgy beat lacings all the while keeping that feel-good vibe that Vacationer is known for.  

So allot a half hour for this mixtape and be sure to have some cold ones on deck. Here's to another glorious summer. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/135867653" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /] 


1.Ode2Summer (0:00)
2.Moab (3:47)
3.Vibe (5:40)
4.Lake Wynonah (7:24)
5.Eyes (9:08)
6.Mountain High (11:29)
7.Newport (13:32)
8.Woke Up (16:50)
9.Hawthorne (20:26)
10.San Joaquin (22:43)
11.Toronto (25:15)
12.Held High (27:03)

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