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Fis announces new EP 'Iterations,' shares nightmarish "Womb Dream"

New Zealand based producer Oliver Peryman, a.k.a. Fis, is one of the more recent discoveries from dark electronic powerhouse Tri Angle Records, who have also put out music by artists like Evian Christ, Balam Acab, and Clams Casino. Fis was introduced to the world last November with his Preparations EP, with critics describing it as an experimental offshoot of drum and bass, seemingly because they weren't sure what else to call it. Now he's announced a follow up EP, Iterations, out May 13, and shared a new track, "Womb Dream." While the track's title suggests a less malevolent sound, "Womb Dream" sounds more like an approaching thunderstorm, with polyrhythmic drums rolling and breaking over a cavernous void. The latest from Fis is sure to be a rewarding journey into uncharted territory, you just might want to bring a flashlight.

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  • Tri Angle
  • 5/13/2014


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