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Tony Blaize sparks our interests with 'Love & Purpose' EP

Perhaps the best thing about Tony Blaize is the power that comes with his simplicity. Said to invoke the spirits of Aloe Blacc, Lauryn Hill, Bruce Springsteen, and the legendary Fela Kuti, this UK based talent out of London is out with a short but indubitably sweet EP, Love & Purpose, which includes two passionate and heartfelt tracks, “These Sides” and “Roseanne.” Simple guitar and piano work, layered vocals, tambourine touches, and reverberating call and response dynamics make “These Sides” the epitome the Power Soul genre that Tony Blaize considers him to be an artist of. “Roseanne” is a song of heartache, a softly crashing waterfall of emotion over the one that got away. It’s slow-paced, sprinkled with a hint of sensuality, and full of harmonies that will give you chills and perhaps make you tear up little. Whether you listen to “These Sides” or “Roseanne” first, either one is guaranteed to make eager to listen to the other.

With an ovation-worthy debut EP like this, we’re nothing short of excited to see what comes next out of this special, soul-filled artist. Plans to release a full length album by next year have been scheduled; we’ll be keeping an eye out for that, and you should too. 

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Neo-Soul · Soul


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7 years ago

check it out & support

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