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Tamara Saul and New Mantra team up for "Numb" [Stream + Summer Playlist]

Tamara Saul and New Mantra are both names I've been keeping close eyes on for about the past year, and this time they've taken a darker approach in their collaborative work "Numb."  

The track is an alternative R&B influenced track that breathes in emotion and Saul brings some seriously great vibes here. Her vocals are on point, although experimental in nature, and New Mantra's production is equally on point. Overall, the song is stunning and utterly perfect. 

Check out the track below, and listen to Saul's summer playlist she has given us below! 

Sizzy Rocket- I Wanna Rob 

Lavachild - Want U To 

SLK - Be 

Rubee Rayne - DSYLM  

Julia Spada - Reptile Mission 

Tala - Serbia

Kwamie Liv - 5 AM

Laura Wolfie - Luxuria 

Demmy Sober - Real Life Fantasy 

Doja Cat - So High 




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