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Roze Balletten debuts its first offering with 'Maud Sarr' EP

After much preparation and anticipation, Roze Balletten - the Belgian label headed by Innershades, Raw Sketches,and NYUU - finally struts in full force a premiere catalog including a trifecta of homegrown talent. Each leaving their mark on the same record, Innershades, Raw Sketches, and Locked Groove bring to life an irresistible house and techno session meant for the dancefloor .

Maud Sarr opens up with Innershades' "Volksverheffing"; a quintessential house groove with blazing synth lines that shows effectiveness in its simplicity.  As the track gathers momentum, the springy basslines provide a sporadic glare that only amplifies the track's crisp plasticity. Reaching  Raw Sketches' "Spilzucht" things take a significant dive headfirst into a slowed down and ominous bounce that pulls a spooked groove. Provocative  in its essence, the originality and frisk displayed on this one makes it an instant favorite. The b-side brings Locked Groove's "Dwarsdijk" - a track just as fun as it is trying to pronounce it. Taking drastic turns that lead into a whirl of firm textures fostering thick basslines and acid accents, this party bomb closes off Roze Balletten's first release with style.










Make sure to get your copy available in all good record shops.





RB 001

Maud Sarr EP

  • Roze Balletten
  • 2014-05-05




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7 years ago

“: Roze Balletten debuts its first offering with 'Maud ... - http://t.co/soBL4lueVV @innershades @_LockedGroove”