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The Indie Sabbath 16

The intersection between indie and forward-minded electronica is anything but defined. In an environment that was once ruled by a handful of artists, the past few years has seen an emergence of budding new talent, where artists are not constrained to stick to a specific sound from their following. This enables them to fully play out their vision, giving them the opportunity to advance their specialized genre, or better said, group of genres that they are typically associated with.

In keeping with the experimental electronically inspired trend, this week's Sabbath is no different. Pulling from the groundwork laid by artists that fall within the chillout umbrella, we feature songs that urge you to lay back. So, allow the music to alleviate the inevitable pressure that we all can face. It's been a long week and we all deserve a break. 

Formatted in a similar fashion to last week, we offer up an entree of vocally focused experimental electronic songs followed by a second helping of merely entirely electronic soundscapes (signified by the break). As always, we do our best in pulling from what was released within the last week.



The Pasture

The Tryptophan


Fresh Milk

Whether you’re a homebody who needs a backtrack while lying on the couch or a rabble-rousing hipster looking to paint the town tonight, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy & as always, feedback welcome.


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  • “: The Indie Sabbath 16 - http://t.co/AK7xShg1At” YES!

    Avatar Sherlie Valentín May 3, 2014 11:52 AM Reply
  • Awesome tunes, I gotta ask, did you guys ever consider adding Spotify links / embedded players to the songs? It makes it so much easier to include to my fabulous indie playlist and might also help the artist.

    Avatar gsimons May 7, 2014 4:02 PM Reply

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