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SomeKindaWonderful gives new life to 2Pac's immortal "California Love"

No matter where you're from geographically, I know you've got some love for 2Pac somewhere in your soul, especially for his hit song with Dr. Dre, "California Love". You don't need to be a West coaster to know all of the lyrics to that track, they're probably embedded deep in the frontal cortex of your brain. Aiming to tackle an immortal 2Pac track like "California Love" was a risky move, but newcomers, SomeKindaWonderful, seem to have made the right gamble with their latest cover song. SKW have only been on the radar for a few months now, but have proven themselves as notable artists with their songs "Reverse" and "Police" and the equally impressive remixes of those tracks.

The synths and the dark electronic touches in this cover song offer the slowed vocals a platform to really breathe life back into this anthem. The track features structurally smooth productions as the familiar lyrics are sung to us rather than rapped. As a California native, it is my duty to advise you to listen to this track below. As a music enthusiast, I'd have to say that you won't be disappointed when you push play.

California...knows how to partay, and SKW knows how to make a cover song.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/147270671" width="100%" height="166" ifame="true" /]


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7 years ago

@SKwonderful Very Nice, I Likey!! :) Thanks

7 years ago

These guys need to stop.

7 years ago
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