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Vic Mensa gets "Down On My Luck" over an electric Stefan Ponce production

Chicago, in my opinion, has the most vibrant music scenes currently. From Chicago’s drill scene embodied by artists like Chief Keef and Lil Durk, to Chicago’s footwork and juke scene embodied by the recently deceased DJ Rashad, whose influence can be heard in the music of Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa. The latter of whom has dropped a new single that seamlessly blends the genres of upbeat electronic dance music with that of hip-hop on the track “Down On My Luck”.

This track is nothing new to Vic Mensa who two months ago released a freestyle over Disclosure’s deep house hit “When A Fire Starts To Burn”, which made for an appropriate combination seeing that the track takes cues from Chicago’s house scene. “Down On My Luck” emulates this same style but with added trance elements reflected by the dreamy synths found throughout the track. The track, produced by Stefan Ponce, is prime for the club scene with Vic Mensa’s airy and animated vocals complimenting Ponce’s groovy production perfectly. One can’t help but feel the need to just cut loose and just as Vic puts it “Hands up, middle finger to em’/Fu*k that, get down”.

With its carefree vibe and lucid instrumental, “Down On My Luck” is an unforgettable track and an excellent addition to Mensa’s already diverse catalog. The track solidifies Vic Mensa as one of the most versatile and unique rappers in the hip-hop game. It's not an if, but a matter of time before Vic Mensa breaks out into the limelight and takes the mainstream hip-hop music by storm. With that said, Vic Mensa is an artist that won't allow himself to be slept on by the Hip-Hop community. Stream “Down On My Luck” below and stay current on all of Mensa's releases for his upcoming Streetlights EP by following him on Soundcloud.

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Mamoudou N'Diaye
7 years ago

“: Vic Mensa gets "Down On My Luck" over an electric ... - http://t.co/dCGKxuHiLU @VicMensa @StefanPonce” @wac_ #savemoney