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The Currys create indie folk worth following with 'Follow'

The Currys are a talented Floridian family, rich in contemporary folk. And with the release of their self-released debut album Follow (out today), we get to feel like we're part of the boys' bloodline. 

It's like cracking open a friends' old family album, but instead of black and white pictures, the stories are told through the lyrics and melodies - which are eye-opening, but warmly familiar in a familial sense. 

All the songs, specifically “Getting Smaller,” exhibit a down-home goodness reminiscent of the collaborative alt-country outfit Delta Rae – with an Americana authenticity that is difficult to replicate and impossible to fabricate. The track “Come on Home” has the sing-song bounce-beat vocal intonation qualities of Jason Mraz (fitting as The Currys worked with Mraz producers Chris Keup and Stewart Myers) and “How A Man’s Supposed to Die” is akin to The Avett Brothers’ signature story-telling style and would be at home sung around a campfire snuggled with the closest of kin. “Nothing Good” throws us into square-dancing territory, with a fearless fiddle and some barnyard harmonies, and we're having a helluva Heyday - pun intended.

The album is the perfect soundtrack to Spring – light enough to listen to on repeat but more deeply relatable on the topics of life, death, self-deprecation and love lost – a time-capsule of memories that tug at the human heartstrings. 

So take a listen down memory lane and then visit the guys at their socials below to give them some love.

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