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Monarchy goes on "Living Without You" [Premiere]

This track certainly surprised me when it first scrolled across my SoundCloud feed, mostly because the indie(ish) dance number seemed slightly out of character for the electro/progressive powerhouse, Ultra Records. However we've seen labels big and small start exploring genres outside their normal calling, and, let's face it, when a track is good, it's good. Such is the case with Monarchy's "Living Without You", an impressive electronic ballad from Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black. Hailing from London, England, the duo released their debut album in 2011, followed that up with a collaboration with Dita Von Teese in early 2013, and now has an arsenal ready for 2014 in the form of a new album.

"Living Without You" comes as the second single from the forthcoming work, a vocally-driven proclamation to love lost and a journey continued. Between swirling synth melodies turned electric guitar riffs, the track blends indie rock and dance in the most splendid fashion. Grab the track on Tuesday and keep your ears out for more from Monarchy, as 2014 promises another album and number of remixes of this surefire hit.

Monarchy Duo Starry Eyed



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7 years ago

Absolutely amazing, but I expected nothing less from them to be honest, puts mainstream pop to shame