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machineheart's debut is sure to run "Circles" through your head [Premiere]

Warm guitars, buoyant synths and endearing vocals all come together in machineheart's debut original song "Circles". Based out of Los Angeles, the five-piece have put out a series of covers to date, including The 1975's breakout song "Chocolate" and MS MR's "Hurricane" (listen to all four of their covers on YouTube here). Where the covers showcase the drive behind the group, "Circles" furthers the feeling that machineheart are surrounded by a transparent bubble that is just about ready to pop.

Filled with an infectious vibe, "Circles" finds machineheart easing their way onto your playlists with an extremely accessible sound. Fueled by singer Stevie Scott's capturing voice, "Circles" sticks to a simplistic approach, focusing on sing along verses to draw listeners in.


Indie · Pop · Synth · Synth Pop


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  • Love it darlings! Aunt Jody is so proud! Iv'e been waiting for originals. Awwww, the awesomeness!

    Avatar Aunt Jody April 25, 2014 4:28 PM Reply

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