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Chox-Mak hires Dr. G to work the "Night Shift" [Download]

Chox-Mak’s well documented 90’s Flow has been elevated by the UK’s Dr. G in their crispy new track, “Night Shift”. Mak’s no stranger to the international hook up, having worked with Dr. G in the past and also enjoying an endlessly creative relationship with Scotland’s Bunty Beats. We covered the pair’s “Balance” mixtape a while back and with Dr. G on production duty this time, it seems that UK soundscapers definitely bring the best out of the North Carolina rapper. A cool guitar sample loops throughout the duo's “Night shift” as they work ‘til dawn on the world’s greatest job. As always with projects from these guys, there’s an attention to detail that the underground hip hop scene often sorely lacks, with layers of keys and depth increasing samples complimenting Mak’s rampant bars and a chorus which reeks of determination.

“Got the game in the vice grips, so cold I’ be spitting out ice chips, it ain’t what you know it’s who’s the nicest, grindin’ all morning and wrote this on my night shift”

Be sure to revisit Chox-Mak’s UK collaborations with Bunty Beats and Dr. G in EARMILK’s extensive back catalogue of the dopest hip hop. Highlights include “Final Destination”, which concluded the heavy Mak Attack Monday Series and the Bunty produced remix of Kanye West’s “Bound”.

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