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Jaytech delivers a club-ready EP with 'Megastructure / Earthbound'

The Anjunabeats roster is one of the most reliable, high-quality group of artists within the dance music spectrum. Not only are the releases regular, but the Above & Beyond-led family is a loyal one, returning back to the label for everything from original productions to compilation mixes. Over the years, one of the team's frontline soldiers has been Berlin-born Jaytech, delivering hits like "Stranger", "Multiverse", and "Inception". His sound envelopes the groove-driven variant of the imprint's core sound, welding together a unique funk to the trance realm.

On Anjuna-curated stages, the only downside to Jaytech's approach is that his deeper sound can get lost in the high-energy of fellow artists. That all has seemed to change on his latest two-track release, with both "Megastructure" and "Earthbound" packing an explosive punch. While the former features a pulsating siren synth, the latter delivers a perfectly groovy bassline bounce. In any case, both tracks are club-ready while still preserving the airy trance sounds the label is known for.

Stream: Jaytech - Megastructure

Stream: Jaytech - Earthbound



Megastructure / Earthbound

  • Anjunabeats
  • 14-04-2014
Dance · Trance


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