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Boomchella VIP Pool Party Weekend 1 [EARMILK x NUE x FAMNYC Event RECAP]

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the nation's largest and critically-acclaimed music festivals. It hosted nearly 100,000 musical nomads this year. EARMILK teamed up with Nue and FAMNYC to host Boomchella, one of the most dynamic and captivating pool parties of the weekend. With thousands of RSVP'S and a dope artists performing including: LOUDPVCK, Mimosa, Samo Sound Boy, Archnemisis, Goddollars plus other surprise faces dropped by to throw down “off the record” sets. To keep everyone cool in the near 100° desert heat, the event’s open bar featured frosty Don Julio mixed drinks, ice cold Tito's vodka cocktails and Heineken Light. To complement the top shelf refreshments, amazing music oozing from 6 18 inch subwoofers kept the bass bumpin all day in epic fashion. Great music, weather and booze perfectly combined to ensure that the beautiful women of Boomchella need only worry about wearing their bare essentials. The event also included yoga, live art displays, beer pong, and delicious tacos!

 #Boomchella took day partying to a whole new level.

Thank you to all who attended. For those who didn't we will be back again next year and you'll get your shot! Also, we will keep you updated on future Chicago, NYC, LA events. All images can be found here.

All Photos can be found, downloaded and shared @ http://phhhoto.com/p/boomchella

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We want to additionally thank partners MEUNDIES and Taxi Magic for their cool integrations. You can still get $20 off your first Taxi Magic ride, by downloading the app and typing in code word "Boomchella" til the end of the month

The party was also held in support of writer and adventurer Rudolph Randa's kickstarter campaign for his new book "Destination Now: How a Drunken Angel Got His Wings" which delves into his fascinating ayahuasca adventures under the guidance of Colombian shamans.

Check out the campaign here:



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