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Glasgow-based Turtle drops newest alt-electronic rework [Premiere]

Following the unveiling of Turtle's debut EP titled Who Knows (which was originally released via Beatnik back in October 2013), Jon Cooper returns with a series of reworks. The singer, songwriter, producer heavy-hitter has already taken on Lyla Foy's "Left to Wonder" as well as Rare Monk's "Splice", but today is premiering his latest addition to the series with EARMILK. 

KHUSHI's tune titled "Magpie", which was originally released via Laissez Faire Club, has been infused with a minimalist mixture of alt-electronic and ambience. The tune has been completely chilled out with the dreamy guitar riffs still in tact, and the result is completely stunning. Take a listen or three.

 [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/144785952"]



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