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iPunk returns with 7-track Easter special [Exclusive + Download]

Sometimes you find the best things when blindly stumbling around the music block, sampling anything and everything you can get your hands on until you suddenly run across something superb. iPunk turned out to be one such discovery, an electronic producer who immediately grabbed my attention after trolling through Dim Mak RecordsNew Noise Vol. 4 and finding his track "Slive". Hailing from the industrial capital of Austria, Linz, the artist has also had a heavy showing on one of the industry's favorite niche labels, CRUX, which serves up inventive works in bass, electro, and techno. In fact, he released a 5-track EP, Get Down, on the imprint last December, which demonstrates his ability to craft genre-crossing works and brought my favorite song of his so far, "Mind Off".

With a career building steady momentum, iPunk has prepared a series of seven free downloads for fans to enjoy. Starting today and ending on Easter Sunday, followers will get to grab one track each day as a special thank you and a reminder of more to come in 2014. "Sion" begins the download spree, and electro techno work that plays on the fringes of each genre by cropped builds, dark overtones, and a menacing, undulating beat.

In July iPunk will be playing the Dim Mak stage at Urban Art Forms Festival, alongside W&W, R3HAB, and Dirtyphonics, and it's reported that he has more releases are to come on the noted electronic label. Enjoy this Easter special by checking his Soundcloud and Facebook each day for a new track.




Easter Egg Hunt

  • Self-released
  • 2014-04-14



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