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Rainer + Grimm give Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" a new sound in their latest remix [Premiere]

The Toronto based duo Rainer Millar-Blanchaer and Jeff “Grimm” Crake have brought a bit of spice to Sam Smith's newest single, "Stay With Me". Rainer + Grimm have remixed the track and have taken the choir vibe and managed to turn it into a dance song. The electronic producers have recently begun building a name for themselves as the Rainer + Grimm act, having previously produced and done songwriting for some of Canada's top acts, so they're no strangers to the industry. This remix has a bit of a melodic bounce that will make you get up and groove to it. Sam Smith's vocals are still a strong selling point to the track, only featuring some less than major edits to the vocals. But the quality production and transformation to a completely different genre is what will grab hold of your attention. Have the first listen to the track below and show the guys some love.



Sam Smith

"Stay With Me" (Rainer + Grimm remix)


Dance · House · Pop


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