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Ezko shares his "Piece of the P.I.E." [Video]

As a person extremely familiar with the D.M.V. (DC, Maryland and Virginia for those of you thinking about your license renewal date), I  understand that it's teeming with talent. I mean, we're talking about two states and the hub of a nation known for its history, historic buildings, and historically shifty politics. There's a lot of people here. 

Naturally, when I receive new music that I am called upon to write thoughts on, I am selective. No matter where a person is from, I am always selective. But, I am extremely selective when it comes to artist claiming this massive,  mid-Atlantic bar home, because I call it home. It's like the tough love you get from family; As my brethren, I respect that you gave me this to listen to, but as a member of this family, I have an obligation to present only the best doing what it is that I do.

Coming out of Gaithersburg, MD (also home to Def Jam rapper Logic),when Ezko sent me "Piece of the P.I.E'." I was hype because, honestly, it's been a while since I've actually got up with a rapper with this caliber of artistry from the area. Produced by Esta, the track may come off as a wordy lyrical showcase, but is actually more of a manifesto. P.I.E  stands for "Peace in Existence", an ideal, goal and mantra Ezko lives towards. This animated visual, directed by Shaheer Lanier acts as a metaphor to the content of the song and gives us an interesting and elevated look into the rappers imagination. 







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Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves
7 years ago

Ezko is so dope, great to see another DMV artist get shine.

(don't know how this ended up on another post)

Imani Mintz
Imani Mintz
7 years ago
Reply to  Jason Reeves

idky people are just starting to get hip Ezko's been killin shit its about got damn time lol

Shaheer Lanier
Shaheer Lanier
7 years ago

Whoo! Thanks for posting the video! S/O Ezko for being incredibly nice on the mic.