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Boy In A Movie releases cinematic new EP, 'Feel'

Making music which is designed to chill and thrill at the same time is always a challenge but the British producer known as Boy In A Movie has stepped up with his debut EP. Titled Feel, the four track release crafts unique tones for the soundscaper who previously dropped a popular remix of ASTR’s “Operate”. Feel is a short new collection of chillwave tracks that carries a cutting edge via Boy In A Movie’s use of R&B samples as well as his introduction of cinematic elements that help deliver the atmosphere of an indy movie soundtrack.

There are no limits to the kind of movie Feel would play as the soundtrack to; “Change You” is a progressive, uplifting effort which calmly adds layers of synths to a mosaic of bliss inducing electronica while “Slow” is more free spirited and explorative with haunting vocals and jungle effects. “Knowledge & Wisdom” showcases Boy In A Movie’s ability to slap a heavy beat on top of a brooding combination of soulful vocal samples and intricate strings. This mystical EP sadly flies by at just over 22 minutes but it culminates with an emotive outro of sorts in the form of “Make Your Heart Feel”. You can picture the credits to Feel scrolling down the cinema screen to a backdrop of waves crashing in an ocean of zero gravity on a planet yet to be discovered. Another precisely executed marriage of relaxation and intensity sound the final cut on a fantastic EP. You can enjoy the four tracks of Feel below and buy it now on iTunes.



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