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Above & Beyond unite classic vocals with Arty's "Believe In Me"

I will say that not every one of Arty’s releases over the past few years have peaked my interest, but when he unites with the mighty Anjunabeats family, things just seem to click. Back in 2011, the Mat Zo collaboration “Mozart” was one of the tracks that bridged the trance and house worlds together and forced fans from all genres to keep a pulse on the two young artists. From 2012’s “Open Space” to “Flashback” late last year, Arty’s synth-driven big-room melodies have been their brightest on Above & Beyond’s label curation.

Eighteen months ago, it was Arty’s “Believe In Me” instrumental that made the cut on the legendary Anjunabeats Vol. 10 compilation, but the track was still in search for the right vocal. Originally developed as a bootleg for their live sets, the boys from A&B have pulled Zoe Johnston’s beautiful verse from “You’ve Got To Go”. While it might seem like a tall order to pay for a mashup, hearing iconic vocals in perfect harmony with a new beat will be a must-have for many fans.

Stream: Above & Beyond vs. Arty - You've Got To Believe


Above & Beyond vs. Arty

You Got To Believe feat. Zoe Johnston

  • Anjunabeats
  • 31-03-2014
Dance · House · Trance


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Katie K
7 years ago

“: Above & Beyond unite classic vocals with Arty's ... - http://t.co/lOiEGA8vTa @arty_music @aboveandbeyond @anjunabeats” So good.

6 years ago

Piqued* my interest