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Listen to a sad remix of Pharrell's "Happy" by Woodkid

Pharrell's new album G.I.R.L. has had me in a daze lately, and the amount of remixes releasing in its wake are immeasurable. Most popular to these beat mashers is the headline track "Happy" garnering edit after edit, usually in an upbeat, house style. However, the Parisian composer Woodkid released his "Sad" remix of "Happy" only a few days ago, and it is hands down genius.

I'm a huge fan of traditional piano, especially covers and popular remakes. Woodkid finds the middle ground on this one and lays down an extremely passionate piano riff to accompany Pharrell's verses, inflicting the tone of the track so much you wouldn't believe the vocals are ripped from the original. It's almost as if Woodkid put on an "emotion" effect to Pharrell's voice, seeing that this version comes off as a more sarcastic heartbreak.

I'm ecstatic this made it out, because now we have yet another avenue for beat breakers to cross. Turning songs into not only a new genre, but a new aesthetic, emotional feel. That's exactly what Woodkid accomplished with this one. Take a listen and let the smooth piano caress your sad thoughts, but only for a short track length. Then it's back to clapping hands.



"Happy" (Sad Remix)

  • March 25
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7 years ago

So sorta what Steve Aoki did to "Pursuit of Happiness" but in the opposite direction?

7 years ago

Where's the track?

Teresa M Hudson
Teresa M Hudson
7 years ago

My son sent this to me. He knows I love the Happy Song. I didn't expect this to be so good. Thank you. I'm laying in bed with not much to do while recovering from knee surgery.