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Lunde Bros. take over Mutants Records [Album + Tee Giveaway]

As spring takes hold in the northern hemisphere, the festival season and coinciding deluge of releases has become a daily adventure. From the masses we have found the Lunde Bros., a talented Swedish electronic duo comprised of siblings Christopher and Niklas, who take over the second Mutants compilation to date. Headed by veteran producer John Dahlback, the label's 2011 compilation featured the founder and his friend Albin Meyers alongside a star-studded cast of up-and-coming artists: Sinichi Osawa, Swanky Tunes, and Thomas Gold to name a few. Not to be outdone, Lunde Bros. make a strong showing for round two with a 15-track edition meant to demonstrate their production prowess and Mutant's eclectic taste. The brothers have contributed six originals and updates to previous tracks for the release, including standouts "Jump Up" and "House", as well as the final mixed version.

Stream: Lunde Bros. - Jump Up

Stream: Lunde Bros - House (Original Mix)

Adding to this, the compilation also contains a number of previously released favorites from other Mutants artists. Of course that meant Dahlback added a few tracks ("Don't Stop" and "Grunge"), joined by a handful of newer acts, like the promising Merk & Kremont and HELENA. These two already wowed listeners  with standout tracks over the last five months, "Zunami" and "Breathe", which brought new blood into the electro/progressive arena. One lucky fan has the chance to win a digital copy of the compilation along with a Mutants tee, so take a listen to the track and enter below.

Stream: John Dahlback - Grunge (Original Mix)

Stream: HELENA - Breathe (Original Mix)


lunde bros

Lune Bros.

Mutants Presents Lunde Bros

  • Mutants
  • 2014-03-24


Contest · Dance · Progressive


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erik david
erik david
7 years ago

Really hope to win this... Been a long time fan of John & his mutants label!!! Just about a year ago I discovered the Lunde Bros. & have been following their productions since, 2014 re-edit of "Get Down" is so fresh i like how it keeps the vibe of the original version but changed up a bit!

7 years ago

Great to hear Erik! Good luck in the contest!!