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Haywyre chisels out a beaut and names it "Sculpted"

Here at EARMILK, our ears are always on high alert for not just the next big thing, but also producers or bands that defy and melt genre boundaries. That is one reason why we're drawn to Martin Voigt, a.k.a. Haywyre, producer who fabricates his music based on his knowledge on jazz and classical. In the upcoming days of his impending release of Two Fold Pt. 1 on March 31 through Monstercat, he has released a few teasers to hook listeners by their eardrums. 

The first teaser Haywyre released into the wild is "Sculpted". You can really hear his jazz and classical background in the beginning seconds with the smooth percussion droning the background. However, it quickly gets eclipsed by the saturated bass. There's no goofing off here, as "Sculpted" gets heavy and strange with the effected, robotic vocals transitioning nearly into a dubstep style. But Haywyre throws a curve ball and interjects a saxophone to offset all the weight. The song as a whole is extremely dynamic and creative, giving the listeners a roller coaster of textures and layers to groove to.

Stream "Sculpted" below and be sure to jump on Two Fold Pt. 1 when it drops. 

Drumstep · Electronic


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