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KC Lights bootlegs Pharrell's "Happy" [Download]

When I first heard this bootleg, there were two things that I was totally sure of: I was totally over Pharrell's hit "Happy," and had no idea who KC Lights was. But after a quick listen, all that changed. I quickly learned that KC Lights is a Scottish producer with a small social media imprint, but big time potential. With a few official label releases and a couple of remixes under his Soundcloud belt, his fresh, French electro-influenced style is easy to grasp. And he's infused "Happy" with those elements, plus more bass and 80's-style synths that makes the track one that will force you to get up out of your seat. Check it out below.



Happy (KC Lights Bootleg)



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  • @KC_Lights incredible remix

    Avatar JERC March 23, 2014 10:35 PM Reply

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