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Flux Pavilion shares his own 'Guide to Miami'

British producer Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, or as you may know him Flux Pavilion, is a guy who never lets anyone define him but himself. His unique dubby electro style has been a definitive beacon in the development of the harder, more hip hop influenced genres of dance music since his "I Can't Stop" put the sound on the map. Since then he's been breaking boundaries and proving himself as an innovator, he's hit 1 million followers on Facebook and gave away "Standing on a Hill," a free download that could melt a heart made of stone, willfully emoting his thanks to his fans, and most recently a re-up for Miami entitled "Exostomp (Jump Up High)". The man who could basically be called dubstep royalty also happens to be headlining one of the best looking parties of Miami Music Week: Big Beat & Friends. We've been highlighting all the action to be held at The Dream South Beach's rooftop High Bar on March 26th, and Flux has got some additional tips for a complete trip to Miami for us as well. Short but sweet, you'll get the idea perfectly. You can still get tickets to the party HERE, or we've got yet another pair of tickets for you to win, enter below to win some!

EARMILK: What are the things you'd love to do in Miami that are non-music related?
Flux Pavilion: Drink, but I do that everywhere?
EARMILK: What is your go to drink on a sunny day?
Flux Pavilion: Single Malt Scotch neat.
EARMILK: What do you always bring extra of?
Flux Pavilion: Colorful pants.
EARMILK: What are the top similarities and differences between London and Miami? What would you bring to your international friends from home this year?
Flux Pavilion: The weather is quite vastly different and its pretty lively, but I guess I only experience it at "Spring Break" kind of time. London hides away and you have to find the fun, but in Miami the fun finds you. 

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