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Blood Diamond's take on Goldfrapp's "Thea"

Goldfrapp is releasing her new album Tales of Us on March 24th with a remix bundle, including work from Twin Shadow, WAWA, Red Top, and Blood Diamonds. Blood Diamonds remixed the new track “Thea,” following his last release, the Osaka EP, by a few months. Since, he’s remixed Boys Noise and Pretty Lights.

The introductory percussion and piano arpeggio are strong hooks that give way to house bass pads and more traditional snare, kick, hi-hats. The ethereal vocal pre-chorus and succeeding drop are powerful. “Thea” is worlds different than Blood Diamonds recent original work (think Massive Attack). It’s restrained and traditional, however it still features contorted percussion samples and vocal cut-ups. It boasts breathing pads and dense reverb, giving Alison’s vocals an even more ethereal feeling.

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