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Jay Worthy drops video to "Harvey Keitel"

If you ever ride shotgun with Jay Worthy, you’ll be pretty familiar with his love for bumping soul tunes in the whip. Linking up with friend and producer Sean House for their collaborative project LNDN DRGS, the duo has cooked up a new track titled “Harvey Keitel". Inspired by the film Bad Lieutenant, House and Worthy dropped a new video to give us a better idea of their visual palette, and what kind of vibes we can expect in the future. Behind-the-scenes, Jay Worthy has been between Vancouver and Los Angeles recruiting an impressive list of co-signers for the LNDN DRGS project, including A$AP Yams, Mike G, Chuck Inglish among others. While his step-sister Grimes is rumored to be working in the studio with Worthy on some future drops. 


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