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Ice Underload gets rare with "ITS GOIN DOWN"

Mysterious god of the Arctic, Ice Underload gets rare with Yung Joc's hood classic "It's Goin' Down". With a memorable melody that probably filled your cars and basketball court boomboxes, this tune goes harder than Putin on Crimea. In an effort to pick up the tunes' golden legacy, Ice Underload (we still don't know who she/he is), creates a 172 Bpm production that's filled with different sub-genres from all over the inter-web including jersey club, juke, icepunk, dance hall, trap and so much more. If you go deeper into Ice Underlord's freezer of tasty tunes you can feel this 'icy' feel to his tracks. The only clue we have of who this producer is would be the repost of Lil Texas x Iceboi. Perhaps he goes by Iceboi as well, hopefully he 'thaws out' and shows us his identity. We provided a few more of our favorite tunes also.

Dance · Experimental · Hip-Hop


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