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Marco V & Christian Burns will thaw your "Frozen Heart" with their latest track

We've been patiently waiting and have finally been given the whole track of "Frozen Heart" from Marco V and Christian Burns. The preview has been floating around the interweb for a minute, but the track in its entirety will surely make you salivate. In collaboration with Zouk Recordings (a sub label of Armada Music), the two EDM powerhouses are merged onto this emotionally charged progressive house track and it just screams "DANCE!" The UK vocalist, Burns, brings his A-game to the track with the love-scorned lyrics that tug at your heart, but Marco V's production makes the heartache bearable as he molds the track into a hot dance song. So if you're struggling with a "Frozen Heart", you can count on this song to thaw you out.  Check it out below and go dance your heart out.

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Dance · House · Progressive


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