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FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE unleashes "We're Manicals" [Premiere]

FUCK ART, LET's DANCE carefully dances the line between electronic and dance, fusing into a style that's reminiscent of the days of bands such as We are Scientist, while still having a foot in the bursting electronic scene that has defined the 2010's. 

They've given us the opportunity to have the international release of their latest video "We're Manicals" which sees the band journey through quite the experience via a countryside church. Without giving away the plot of the visual, expect an angry minister, zombies, and a very sleepy lead character... let's just say anyone who's gone to church before can understand this music video in a special, bored teen, sort of way. 

"We're Manicals" rocks in an addictive sort of way that is reminiscent of a lot of the synth laden indie dance bands of my youth, and its this that addicted me to their sound. Call it slight nostalgia, the track is fun and simple, bringing a simple hook that will catch your eardrums and won't let go. 





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Et Ceter4
7 years ago

@fuckartlsd really awesome video! very well produced

7 years ago

I'd say Fuck Art, Let's Dance is a perfect mix of Blur and Passion Pit.