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ODESZA make waves with new Pretty Lights remix featured on the Divergent Soundtrack

Every once in a while there is an incredible soundtrack that comes to complement a major motion film, for example TRON Legacy, The Great Gatsby, and Drive all had an amazing roster of music to boot. Now the latest soundtrack we can add to the mix is from the up-and-coming film Divergent. The soundtrack features tracks from superstar artists including A$AP Rocky, Big Deal, Banks, Ellie Goulding, M83, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Snow Patrol and ZEDD. 

One special track off the release is Odesza’s remix of Pretty Lights single “Lost and Found”. Both Pretty Lights and Odesza have had a huge year in 2013 with Pretty Lights gaining a grammy nod for his last album release, A Color Map of the Sun and Odesza breaking into the spotlight with tracks like "Sun Models", "My Friends Never Die", and "How did I get here".

This remix does a nice job of taking both artists styles and finding a cohesive ground to mesh them into one beautiful track. Utilizing the vocals from Pretty Lights and adding a futuristic bass lead, quick snare loops and funky rhythm, Odesza pays homage to their predecessor but manages to make the remix their own.  This is the second time that Odesza has produced a remix for Pretty Lights, last time on "One Day They’ll Know", and it seems to be a formula the keeps working. Head on over to iTunes to purchase the complete Divergent Soundtrack. 


Pretty Lights

"Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)

  • Divergent Soundtrack
  • 03-03-2014


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