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Stereotronique bootlegs Ricoshëi's "Perfect Like You" [Download]

Toronto's Kevin O'Brien has been producing melodic club dance music under the name Stereotronique, succeeding in his original work as well as ancillary remixes. Now he's entered 2014 with a massive bootleg that has major legs of its own of LA's deep house duo Ricoshei. If you've never listened to Stereotronique's work before, this is the perfect time to start: while any well done bootleg is impressive because of the attention to detail needed to complete it, the movement of this one is stunning. Starting off in a chilled out indie pop manner, the mood progresses quickly to become an in your face synth bomb that'll just make you want to be in a sea of people with your hands in the air. Check it out and download below.



Perfect Like You (Stereotronique Bootleg)

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