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Rome Fortune gets a little weird in "Four Flats"

Fresh off of the successful release of his sophomore release, Beautiful Pimp 2Rome Fortune returns with a brand new set of visuals. While for majority of his most recent work he has adopted a more laid back flow and chosen more mellow beats, "Four Flats" sees him break out of this shell. C4's banging production, laced with wailing South Asian influence and some chest pounding production, forbids anyone from being calm or relaxed, you have to move. Fortune is not immune to the producer's spell, and he gets extremely hyped, spitting quicker than ever; albeit, he still manages to retain the cool demeanor and flow. This is definitely a welcomed departure for the still growing emcee.

This unorthodox trend continues with the accompanying video. Fortune, Goldrush, the director, and Glassface, the editor, put together one of the trippiest music videos seen in a long time. Combining hilarious green screen scenes and live action shots, they deliver a clever depiction of the Atlanta emcee's rhymes. Viewers follow Fortune down the wintry streets of New York, then they are transported inside of a magazine ad (where the rapper is seen inside the car up for sale), after they see his superimposed head replace that of a famous character in a seventies sitcom. The entire three minute experience is weirdly cool and humorous. When his album covers begin to rap along with the song, the sheer ridiculousness of the imagery will cause you to laugh out loud.

As previously noted, Rome Fortune has released a brand new project, Beautiful Pimp 2, which can be streamed on his soundcloud. It is highly suggested that you do, because you will get a more serious understanding of who he is as an artist. However, "Four Flats" is a well done video that will definitely leave your sides tickling for sometime after viewing.

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