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Moullinex revamps Midlake's "The Old And The Young" [Download]

Midlake’s Antiphon was a departure. After front man Tim Smith left the group, backing guitarist and vocalist Eric Pulido stepped to the fore. The group took a bit of a tone shift, circling back to more psychedelic rock and folk roots. Portugal’s Moullinex, while touring for his debut album Flora, pumped his remix of “The Old And The Young” to wide acclaim. The response was so emphatic, he released the track for free download.

The opening bass line deserves a paragraph alone; overlaying a simple stringed bass line is a thick synth that alternates between oscillating wave forms – the effect has an eccentric binaural affect. Guitars fill the track with cascading licks, and Pulido’s vocals are ghostly and ethereal inside filters and reverb at first. Near the second half, they come out from the smoke, humanizing the track. Your volume can’t go high enough for this one.

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"The Old And The Young" (Moullinex Remix)


Dance · Electro · Electro House · House


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